The cherry is one of the tastiest fruits.

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Values are calculated
per 100 g of product
Edible portion 91%
Water 82.25 g
Protein 1.06 g
Fat 0.3 g
Soluble sugars 12 g
Calories 63 g
Iron 0.3 mg
Calcium 13 mg
Phosphorous 21 mg
Potassium 120 mg
Vitamin C 7 mg


Cherries are cultivated in the Veronese hills in the Illasi Valley, an area suited for their production due both to the properties of the local soil, which has good natural permeability, and due to its climate; its southern exposure provides long excellent radiation from the sun which strengthens the quality of the fruit, making it particularly firm and very juicy.

The outer part of the cherry is particularly bright and resistant.
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