Production flow

1. Technical assistance in the countryside

Production disciplinary. Recording treatments in countryside book. Taking samples for multi-residual analyses.

2. Qualifying companies

List of qualified companies.

3. Refrigerated preservation warehousing

Warehousing plan. Cell mapping. Temperature recording (computer support). Stock sheet.

4. Selection / Size

Processing order. Specifications. Harvest rules and classification. Processing sheet. Quality control parameters sheet.

5. Packaging

Processing order. Specifications. Processing sheet. Quality control parameters sheet.

6. Shipping

Load plan. Recording load temperature.



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Commitment, awareness, professionalism and expertise are the common guidelines within the company to achieve all goals and ensure the customer is offered products that have been inspected and certified according to regulations.

We have implemented a corporate quality system involving the entire chain of production, from the countryside to the finished, packaged product ready to be sold; this is a necessary requirement in order to deal with increasingly demanding markets.
New investments, technologies and multiple inspections along the entire production chain were implemented so that we are recognized as reliable, professional suppliers and partners in a highly competitive market.

Focusing our attention on the entire production chain allows us to comply with the supply specifications required to supply the Italian and foreign large-scale retail trade.

We boast quality standards in line with HACCP regulations (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), in addition to food safety projects and the Apo Scaligera Quality System. This project also involves applying production techniques to all farm members to ensure a low impact on the environment and to increase the guarantees of healthy products for the final consumer.


Our company complies with the following regulations:

  • HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, CE 178-2002, 852-2004 regulations “Implementation of EU directive on food hygiene”. Self-control system. Applied in the three warehouses managed by APO SCALIGERA
  • GLOBAL GAP CERTIFICATION (option 2): European Retailing Product Certification. Qualification for suppliers of German, Swiss, Austrian, Scandinavian and British distribution chains. Certificate for: strawberries, apples, pears, peaches-nectarines, kiwis, lettuce, melons, tomatoes, capsicum peppers, courgettes, cucumbers, asparagus, aubergines, Kohlrabi, pumpkin. Involvement of 120 associated farms signing the membership form undertaking to uphold the dispositions of the standard (observance of binding regulations, harvest regulations, defence regulations, etc.). Controls on post-harvest management and quality system (traceability, compliance with compulsory legislation, control plan, etc.)
  • BRC AND IFS CERTIFICATION: Certification obtained in February 2013. Product certification essentially requested on English-speaking markets (BRC) and Northern Europe in general (IFS). They envisage the systematic application of health and hygiene controls throughout the production chain, with special attention to the status of storage, packaging and shipping environments and the quality system. They also measure and verify the company’s commitment as regards preventive action and food safety planning (management audit review)
  • GRASP: Global Risk Assessment On Social Practice
  • TECHNICAL SUPPLY SPECIFICATIONS: Customer guidelines for certification as supplier