5 excellent reasons

  • Natural improvement
  • Nursery
  • Expertise and control
  • Seasonal products
  • Distribution

Expertise and control

Expert technicians and quality control

Our Technical Department consists of a team of agronomists specialized in
consulting, certification, monitoring and controlling the different supply specifications.

We provide assistance and consulting to farms during the various harvesting phases, both from an agronomic viewpoint (fertilization, varietal choices…) and regarding plant health, with the goal of obtaining a product with the best properties in terms of quality and healthiness.

Members comply with the Region of Veneto’s integrated pest control provisions in an attempt to use products with the best toxicological profile. We also use useful insects which contribute to controlling parasites, thus significantly reducing the use of pesticides. This results in a healthier product, increased guarantees for the consumer and respect for the environment.

Lastly, the fruit and vegetables supplied by the producers are monitored.
A series of random checks and analyses performed by specialized laboratories enables us to identify any anomalies, problems or non-conformities with the product before it is processed and made available for selling.