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The production of kiwis has found excellent conditions in the province of Verona. The cultivated area in the Veronese region covers about 2,000 hectares, representing some 80% of the kiwi investments in the Veneto region and 10% of national investments. Thanks to this soil, our kiwi yield has increased significantly over the years. The kiwi is enriched with vitamins C and E and with potassium.

Mele Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious Apples

The Golden Delicious apple is mainly found in the southern Veronese area in the alluvial sections of the Adige River. This results in a yield with different organoleptic properties and colouring. Crunchy, low acidity, marked aroma and excellent, balanced flavour are the distinguishing properties of this variety, accompanied by basic skin colour characterized by typical golden streaking.

Pere Abate Fetel

Abate Fetel Pears

Abate Fetel pears have very thin, rusty-yellow skin with golden, reddish tones. This fruit is bottle-shaped. Its pulp is firm and juicy, sugary and at the same time aromatic, and it is highly appreciated by consumers for its flavour, fragrance and juiciness.

Pere Conference

Conference Pears

The Conference pear is average in size and elongated, and its peduncle is long, thin and curved. Its skin is a burnished green-yellow with small visible lenticels when it is ripe. Its ivory pulp is quite juicy, sweet, aromatic and not very bitter, and it has a very pleasant flavour.

Pere Decana

Decana Pears

The Decana pear is a large rust-coloured fruit with a yellow-green, smooth skin dotted with numerous, small lenticels. The Decana pear has white, juicy, bittersweet and aromatic pulp. The fruit is delicate to handle but has a long shelf life.

Pere Kaiser

Kaiser Pears

The Kaiser pear has a rust-coloured skin against a burnished yellow background with numerous obvious lenticels. Its pulp is white, firm, slightly granular, juicy, bittersweet and aromatic.

Mele Granny Smith

Granny Smith Apples

The Granny Smith apple is known as the classic green, crunchy, very juicy apple with a slightly sour flavour. The climate and characteristics of the soil make the Veronese plain one of the best areas in Europe for producing this variety.



Our farms have been producing leafy greens for a few decades now, taking advantage of the favourable characteristics of the soil, which drains well and is enriched with organic substances. Enriched with water and fibre, leafy greens only have a few calories and therefore play an important role in the daily diet as they contain vitamins A, B, C and D and many mineral salts.

Lattuga Lollo rossa e verde

Lollo red and green lettuce

Lollo red lettuce is a variety with bright red clumped leaves tending to scarlet, on average rather light in weight with a low, hemispherical shape. Lollo green lettuce has bright light green clumped leaves, with a low and hemispherical shape. Very low in calories, it is an excellent and refreshing starter. It contains a good quantity of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

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